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What to Expect

So you're doing it!!  Congratulations!  If it was a leap of faith, I am honored, and I promise you won't be disappointed.  My goal is to make sure you get the images you want and need, and have a blast doing it.  I've been told I'm really fun!

You don't need to know how to pose or move. Sessions are completely directed by me; I got you. 
I will consult with you prior to your shoot, and provide you with thorough prep instructions.
The day of your session is intended to be fun and relaxed.

I have always taken great precautions to protect you, as well as myself, from any unsafe contact and I'm fully vaccinated against Covid19.   
While we have moved on from Covid for the most part, I respectfully ask that you disclose any colds, viruses, or infections, that you are currently battling. 
It has
always been the case that all of my Hair & Makeup tools and supplies are thoroughly cleaned/sanitized after each use and you can feel safe receiving  these services.  Please note, that is is of the greatest importance that you disclose any skin/chemical/makeup allergies or serious sensitivities, PRIOR to our session.  

Ok! On with the fun stuff: 

For most shoots we will have a little bit of planning to do, but we will do it together!   I will get with you, typically via text, to help select your wardrobe and make decisions regarding accessories and hair and makeup.    Yes, I'm going to do your hair and makeup (unless we mutually agree on another approach), but you will need to bring just a few items with you.

A week or two before your appointment, I will email you a checklist. 
This will help you  prepare for your shoot so that you will be your best, relaxed, and confident self when you arrive.

A full portrait shoot can take up to a total of 5 or 6 hours.  Headshots (including Dating Profile pics) are typically quite a bit less, and Personal Branding sessions can vary.   
Hair and makeup can take up to two hours, but typically about an hour or so.  Then we get you dressed and we start shooting!  As soon as you arrive, there will be lots of music, too much chatting, loads of laughs, and snacks; always snacks....  I rarely serve alcohol during a shoot as it makes most of us look different.   And if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, you will want to let me know that ahead of time.

After your session:   It will take up to 2 weeks to edit your images and deliver your personal online gallery to you via email.   You will be able to download these images, but I cannot stress enough, that you should never print your images at home or trust a quickie lab to get it right.  You can purchase gorgeous professional prints and other products directly from your gallery and I also create hardbound books when requested.

I can't wait to meet you -- If you haven't leapt yet, lets get you booked!!


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