I am an artist, photographer, Mom to two gorgeous humans, as well as a spunky Jackabee and handsome Tabby. 

2020 was full of more changes than I could have ever anticipated, but every day I am thankful for my circle of friends, and clients new and old, that keep me moving forward.


Photo sessions are a unique opportunity to spoil yourself and take some time for just YOU. I feel deeply that time spent this way is invaluable, and that's a big part of why I do it.


Photography, it turns out, offers me the luxury of working within ALL of the passions that my creative soul craves: fashion, art, beauty, theater, dance, music, interior design, people, and pets.    So much joy plotting out a shoot for a client; especially a really creative one!  

A photo session allows me to connect on a really personal level and I always feel like I'm making a new friend.  Clients adore my team, and it never gets old getting a text a few hours after a shoot and hearing how much fun they had, and how much it has all meant to them.  The reason for all of the planning and hard work crystalizes in that moment.

Seeing the response to seeing their images for the first time; priceless.